Creating the right impression

Creating the right impression

Presenting a positive, lasting impression of your brand is essential, which is why BACA offers a range of services to help you achieve a consistent finish every time.

Brand it with BACA

It’s so simple!

  1. Supply your logo
  2. Choose the position
  3. Approval and delivery

At BACA last year we branded more than 460,000 garments. As professionals in the industry, we can customise clothing with your company branding and logos in house using our state of the art facilities quickly offering excellent service. With over 30 modern embroidery heads, numerous transfer heat presses and in-house cadcut machines that run 5 days a week nonstop we have massively improved capacities to cater for your needs – fast logoed garments. And it’s just so simple.

So what’s the advantage of adding your logo to uniform?

We are passionate about making you stand out from the crowd by giving your company the quality image it deserves. That’s why we offer the logo service. For you it is a simple way to increase your staff loyalty while optimising your corporate branding.


Embroidery is the most popular way to add customisation to your uniform. Whether it be a logo, design or just a name, embroidered branding gives a stitched quality, hardwearing finish that will apply to almost any garment. If you have a specific company logo, which has a lot of detail then it is a great option for you.

  • You can have up to 12 colours in your design
  • Embroidery is priced by stitch count at a price per garment and position – please contact us for a quote
  • Existing logos or text set ups are FREE
  • For a New logo it’s a one off £35 set up fee
  • Express 5 day service available (charges apply)
  • We advise to only apply embroidered logos on the front left/right breast position, not the back logo due to the stitch count
  • There are 5 available styles for text fonts

Heatseal Transfers

With the simple process of applying logos to your uniform, heatsealing is the 2nd best option to embroidery. Your logos are printed onto specially treated paper which are then heat applied onto the required garments giving the effect of screen printing. The advantages of using the heatseal method is that you don’t have to have the volumes compared to screen printing. Also our extremely high quality transfers give your logo the look it deserves – they produce a crisp and precisely detailed image on the garment. With this quality comes the advantage of the logo sustaining upto 40 washes before any colour fading or scratching takes place. You can order batches of transfers up front and we will store them for you free of charge, then heatseal them to your garments when you place an order.

Cadcut transfers

For the one-off jobs we can offer you the ideal service of cadcut transfers. These are produced inhouse and are for the low volume, fast-turnaround requirements you may have for logoed garments. Each design is cut out individually then applied through the same process as heatseals. However there is not the need for you to order the stocks of transfers like you do for the heatseal transfers. We offer both the back and front logos for garments.


Screen Printing

Screenprinting is your perfect solution to your larger logos and designs that you want applying to bulk quantities of garments. It is a very cost-effective method of branding that is extremely durable and you can have any colour way desired. There is a minimum order quantity of 30 garments.

£25 set up per colour

Helmet stickers

We also offer the service of applying your logo to helmets. Ask sales team for more details on 0330 700 0090.


Bespoke design service

Need more from your workwear?  Whether it’s stronger knee pads, additional trouser pockets or an extra reflective strip, we can work with you to create the ideal garment through our bespoke design service.

Fitting services

If you have a large request for uniforms, why not book a visit from the BACA VELTRUCK.  We will come direct to your site and measure your team for their new workwear - guaranteeing the perfect fit.


For more information, or to book any of our design and fitting services, call us on 0330 700 0090.

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