G7C-EU G7C Device GD3001

G7C-EU G7C Device

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This is the Blackline G7c Connected Safety Device, a complete personal safety monitor which allows you to respond in seconds to health events and injuries. Stay connected to your employees that are out of sight and sound with G7’s real time monitoring through your own secure portal. A plant wide evacuation can be triggered in seconds and it can monitor everyone’s progress to muster points. It allows your teams to work anywhere with confidence and has cellular and satellite connectivity options which ensures that everyone can remain in contact. No matter how far apart your team are live two-way voice communication and text messaging can bind them together, even the most remote employees who are working alone. You can watch over your own team with the G7c or you can leave the monitoring to our in-house 24/7 Safety Operations Center. Everything is completely customizable to meet the needs of every application, industry and scenario. There is incredible pressure for employees who face an incident. If they can’t respond to a two-way voice call or text message then the G7c has a blue LiveResponse™ light which turns on when the alert was received and help is on the way. Every alert is managed according to your custom and documented emergency response protocol. All activities, from incident through to resolution, are time-stamped for future reporting, including notes that are used to document the response. You also have to pick your plan from these two options: Self-Monitored Plan and Blackline 24/7 Monitored Plan. The Self-Monitored Plan is for the self-monitored devices using the Blackline Live Portal. Whereas, the Blackline 24/7 Monitored Plan allows for full safety monitoring by Blackline’s Alarm Receiving Centre partners.
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