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From Head to Toe-Cap: Compliancy and Giasco Footwear
From Head to Toe-Cap: Compliancy and Giasco Footwear
30 April 2018

Since the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, employers have been required to provide and protect their employees from risk of injury.

Based on the hazards workers face, PPE extend s from protective headwear and eyewear all the way to footwear.

Without appropriate PPE and footwear solutions in place, employers leave themselves on dangerous ground when workplace hazards include slipping, chemical splash, shock, risk of falling objects and more.

On top of carrying out risk assessments to help tailor solutions to the job at hand, employers must seek out footwear which complies to the latest EN ISO 20345:2011 Standard.

Fit for purpose is the Giasco Range, available exclusively from BACA. A safety standout amongst the Veltuff range, these safety shoes, boots and trainers are designed with protection and comfort in mind.

Metal-free, these lightweight ESD-rated solutions are ideal for electrostatic protected areas as well as general use, giving them an all-round purpose. Notable benefits also include anti-static, anti-shock and anti-slip, resistance to hydrolysis, hydrocarbons and abrasion.

With abrasion-resistant fabric lining, composite toe cap and a reinforced heel area too, the range means workers can’t put a foot wrong, giving them peace of mind in their working duties.