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Avoid Risks, Choose PVC Protection
Avoid Risks, Choose PVC Protection
17 August 2018

Flexible barriers are continuing to revolutionise the workplace, public areas, and the general business industry.

Safety barriers are now built with flexibility in mind, helping to absorb and reduce the impact of crashing, which is particularly helpful in busy, frantic environments.

 BACA is pleased to stock PVC Flexible Barriers as well as bollards and column protectors. The range works for every industrial environment including for warehousing, cold store units, workshops, logistics, garages or storage.

 Not to mention, their high impact absorption is second to none, with metal and other materials offering no comparison.

 With other benefits including easy installation, scratch resistance, shock absorption, and long life, the choice couldn’t be simpler.

 To inquire about flexible barriers for your own area, simply reach out to our friendly team who are ready to make an assessment of your space by calling 0330 700 0090.

 Protect your environment. Protect your assets. Protect your staff.